Olympics Tickets

There is a huge demand for Olympics tickets, and these days modern technology can help make the purchase of genuine tickets much easier than before. However, the same technology makes it all too easy for fraudulent tickets to be sold too, so it's absolutely essential that you know how and where to purchase legitimate Olympics tickets from verified online vendors.


Purchasing Legitimate Olympics Tickets Online as a Native Citizen

The Olympic Organizing Committees go to great lengths to ensure that they can cope with the instant and ongoing demand for tickets as soon as they are made available.

To do this, the Organizing Committee has to vet and verify a number of third party vendors so that the tickets can be sold through multiple channels. With the development of the internet recent Olympic Organizing Committees have been able to utilize this powerful sales tool to their advantage, authorizing several online vendors to supply both citizens and tourists with genuine Olympics tickets.

Learning From London's Mistakes – When the London 2012 Olympic tickets were made available on the official website it was inundated with internet traffic, and the site crashed under the sheer volume of online requests. Unfortunately, no matter how many measures are put into place to prevent this sometimes the demand is just too much for the servers to cope with. This is why it's all the more important for the Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 Olympic Organizing Committees to work with reputable and responsible third party vendors to ensure that Olympics tickets can be sold online at all times.

Buying Your Olympic Tickets Online – Buying online also poses it's own set of problems, and purchasing you dream Olympics tickets can in itself be like a race (or in some cases, a marathon!). You may find the ticket you want at a price you can afford, only to get to the checkout and find that the ticket was sold while you were working your way through the process.

Of course this can be very frustrating, but it's well worth visiting the website of legitimate vendors every day until you secure the tickets you want. Purchased tickets are often returned to the original vendors for one reason or another, and once returned the vendor can then refund the original purchaser and resell the ticket to another buyer. If you can't buy your dream Olympics tickets first time around then don't worry, you may still have an opportunity to buy them in the future.


Purchasing Legitimate Olympics Tickets Online as a Tourist

If you are not a native to the hosting country then buying your Olympics tickets can be even more problematic, but again, it's best to do your research and find out which vendors are legitimate. Once you know which vendors you can trust then you should only ever look at tickets available from these vendors and of course the official website for that particular Olympic Games.

There will also only be a limited number of vendors that are authorized to supply and promote Olympic Games breaks and holidays (which include Olympic tickets, travel and accommodation). Again, avoid using any vendor that you think may be questionable and consult with the official website to find out which vendors are authorized to sell Olympic specific holiday breaks.

If you intend to purchase your Olympics tickets and then organize your own travel and accommodation separately for your Olympic trip then you need to be aware of both the price and the demand for these services.

Hotels will often charge a lot more than they normally would for the time of year, and flights (both local and national) will be much harder to acquire. Try to book your travel, accommodation and your Olympics tickets as early as possible to secure your spot at the best prices. Some people get lucky with last minute deals on their tickets, but they often forget about the travel and accommodation.

US citizens will also require a travel visa in order to enter Russia, and this will take time to be processed. It's also well worth familiarizing yourself with the local laws to avoid being detained due to ignorance of the law in a particular hosting country.

Both the Sochi 2014 and the Rio 2016 Olympics promise to be spectacular events for native citizens and tourists alike. However, it's well worth researching into any visa's or travel requirements that you need to adhere to before buying your Olympics tickets for the upcoming Summer and Winter Olympics.


The Price of Olympics Tickets

The Organizing Committee also calculates the costs for seats at the various venues and events, helping to ensure that everyone, no matter what their social strata, can afford to attend at least one Olympic event. However, demand for these seats will be high, so you need to be sure that you book your Olympic tickets as early as you possibly can.

Prices for tickets at both the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics will vary depending on what event you want to see, where that event lies in the competition for that sport (from heats to finals) and the location of your seat. If you want to watch an event that will be hugely popular (such as the 100m sprint final) then book your tickets as quickly as possible.

These prices are obviously calculated based on the running costs of the Olympic Games (you would be surprised how much money the bidding process costs, let alone the additional investment in the infrastructure and resources to deliver what was promised in the hosting country's bid).

With the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics tickets currently available for sale and the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics tickets soon to be available it's absolutely essential that you know how to safely buy your tickets online.

Whether you're buying in advance or buying last minute Olympics tickets it's crucial that you know how and where to buy your tickets legitimately.

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Olympic Travel

Are you thinking of hitting the snowy slopes to catch the Sochi Winter Olympics? Perhaps you are looking online to book your Rio Olympic tickets?

Whether you're going to the Winter Olympics in 2014 or the Summer Olympics in 2016 it is absolutely crucial that you book your Olympic travel plans as quickly as possible.

Any delay in your Olympic travel plans could lead to difficulty acquiring the tickets for your desired sporting event, trouble organizing your flight or other forms of transportation or even problems booking your accommodation.

No matter which Olympic Games you are travelling to see, the basic advice always remains the same, book as early as you physically can! The internet now provides you with all of the tools and vendors you need to book affordable Olympic travel plans.


Organising Your Own Olympic Travel Plans

Many people use the internet to book their own Olympic travel plans. You can access everything you need online, from airlines and flights, to hotel accommodation, to tours and guides and of course your Olympic tickets. By shopping around online you can arrange all of the essential Olympic travel plans needed to have the perfect Olympic holiday.

There's one of two ways you can go around booking your own Olympic break.


Book Based on Your Olympic Tickets

Firstly, you could plan your holiday based on the date and time of your Olympic event tickets. This gives you the exact dates you need enabling you to work out when you will need flights and accommodation.

If you only intend on only watching one or two Olympic events, and you only want a short holiday break, then this is the best way to book your Olympic travel plans. You can literally only purchase the services that you really need, helping to reduce your travel and accommodation costs; giving you more money to spend on your holiday.

Trouble is, if, during your Olympic holiday, you suddenly find yourself with the opportunity to see more events (and it's important to know that many tickets are returned and resold last minute) you may find it difficult to reorganise your flight or travel plans, and you may find it hard to extend your holiday accommodation. You could miss out on an excellent opportunity to see additional Olympic events. (Many London 2012 tickets were sold on site and on the day because of online ticketing issues)


Book for the Entire Olympic Period

Alternatively, if you have a little extra money to invest in this holiday or if you are looking to make your Olympic break your main holiday then you might be better off booking flights and accommodation based on the dates of the opening and closing ceremonies.

People who have tickets to multiple events often book two to three week holidays. Of course, if the opportunity presents itself to get hold of last minute tickets you can buy them without any worry whatsoever, because your Olympic travel plans will have the fights and accommodation fully covered.

Of course, if the opportunity to get reduced tickets doesn't arise you can always book yourself in for a little sightseeing of the host city. The home crowds will be more than happy to hear your Olympic stories as they guide you around the hosting city. Most citizens will be feeling super patriotic and proud, making them fantastic people to spend time with.

If you intend on organizing your own Olympic travel plans then be sure to use the internet to your advantage to shop around for the best deals. Sign up in advance to Olympic newsletters to give you as much time as possible to book and organize your Olympic travel plans.


Booking Your Olympic Travel with a Travel Agent

At each Olympics third party vendors and travel agents are authorized to sell tickets and organize package holidays.

For many people this is the easiest way to organize everything involved with an Olympic trip; from the booking of flights and travel arrangements to the event tickets themselves.

Again, it's worth shopping online as different travel agents will provide different package holidays, but a good Olympic travel agent will be able to help you with all aspects of your holiday, including:

  • Flights and transport
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Tickets to Olympic events
  • Guided tours around the hosting city
  • Additional activities


Organising Your Olympic Travel Plans for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Event tickets and package holidays are now readily available online for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Tickets for this Olympic Games were released in February 2013 and there are still plenty of tickets for all kinds of events ready for you to purchase.

If you have Olympic travel plans to head to Russia and you are a US citizen then you will need a Visa in order to enter the country.

One top tip for anyone booking their own Olympic travel plans is to always visit either your own consulate or the hosting country's consulate and enquire about any procedures or protocols that you need to be aware of.

Consulates will be more than happy to provide you with all of the information you need to have a happy holiday in a hosting country.


Organizing Your Olympic Travel Plans for Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

There will be approximately 7 million Rio tickets available during the 2016 Olympics, and it is anticipated that these will sell out very quickly, and that tourists from around the world will be travelling to and staying in Rio.

Rio Olympic tickets are not yet available on sale, and will not be available on sale until 2015, or at the very earliest 2014. Make sure that you sign up to a Olympic online newsletter to stay up to date with the latest announcements on the Rio Olympics.

That way as the schedule is announced and tickets go on sale you will have the earliest opportunity to purchase your tickets and organize your Olympic travel plans.

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Olympic Games tickets

The Olympics is one of the best events on the planet, and whether you are attending the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics or the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics you'll need to be quick to get your hands on your perfect Olympic Games tickets.

Each Olympic Organizing Committee goes to great lengths to ensure that both citizens and tourists can access the best events at the best possible prices. Whether you want to be entertained by the Opening Ceremony, blown away by a sporting event or amazed by an Olympic themed holiday you'll be able to find a vendor online that can help you.


Purchasing Olympic Games Tickets for Sochi 2014

If you're looking to purchase tickets for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics then you are in luck! Tickets to all events, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies, are now available online!

The Winter Olympics tickets are never as highly sought after as those for the Summer Games, and yet the sporting events on offer are just as adrenaline pumping, heart stopping and utterly inspiring as the Summer Games.

However, the arrival of new sports such as snowboarding is starting to make the Winter Olympics more appealing to the younger generations. If you want a wonderful winter holiday that's jam packed full of sporting accomplishments then you should definitely consider buying tickets for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics!

Order Sochi 2014 Olympic Games Tickets Online Now

Olympic Games tickets for Sochi 2014 went on sale to Russians on the 7th February 2013. Tickets were then made available to tourists on the 11th February, and many of the high demand events still have available seats.

When purchasing your tickets for one of the Sochi events you will not initially know where your seat is located. Instead, you will be presented with different tiers of cost at the purchase stage, and in June 2013 you will then be notified where your seat is located.

The Russian Organizing Committee have worked with a number of third party vendors, allowing citizens and tourists to purchase Olympic Games tickets and Olympic Games holidays through their preferred vendor. You can also use the official Sochi 2014 website to verify that your ticket supplier is an authorized distribution agent, helping to prevent the sale of fraudulent tickets online.

Be sure to book your place as early as possible and also double check the costs of travel and the availability of accommodation before ordering your Olympic Games tickets. If the idea of fast paced action on a snowy backdrop doesn't fill you with inspiration and excitement then perhaps the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will be more up your street!


Purchasing Olympic Games Tickets for Rio 2016

Sport fans across the world are already filling with anticipation and excitement with the forthcoming 2016 Rio Olympics, and although tickets Olympic Games tickets are not yet on sale for this particular Olympics there is already a high demand for them, following the huge success of the London 2012 Olympics.

What makes the Rio 2016 Olympics particularly special is the potential that it could bring to the hosting country. An incredible amount of resources have been committed to some extraordinary infrastructure goals, all in order to help ensure that the Rio 2016 Olympics are the best Olympic Games ever.

If you're scouring the interne trying to find out how to purchase Olympic Games tickets for the Rio Olympics then unfortunately you're going to have to be patient. The general rule of thumb for both Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics is the Olympic Games tickets go on sale roughly 12 months before the event is due to commence, which means tickets should be available early in 2015.

However, you'll be pleased to know that the Rio Organizing Committee plan to release approximately 7 million Olympic Games tickets to the market, providing plenty of opportunities for you to grab a seat at your favorite sporting event. Even better, the Organizing Committee are doing everything that they can to provide a number of affordable tickets to Brazilians with low incomes, enabling them to actively engage in this landmark event.

Use the Net to Stay Up to Date with Rio Olympic Games Tickets

Although Olympic tickets are not yet available for Rio you can find a number of websites online that will allow you to sign up to a mailing list of various online vendors. Why sign up and give your details away? Well, because these vendors can keep you posted on the very latest news on the Olympic Games tickets, ensuring that you'll be one of the first to know when the tickets become available for purchase.

Also, keep an eye out online for the schedule of the events planned for the Rio 2016 Olympics, as this will enable you to plan out which sporting events you want to see. Again, by getting yourself on a mailing list you'll be able to stay up to date with all of the latest news surrounding the 2016 Rio Olympics and the Olympic Games tickets.


Making Holiday Plans Around the Rio 2016 Olympics

Tourists looking for Olympic Games tickets for Rio Olympics may be better off looking for package holidays from verified vendors.  Not only can these trips prove to be easier for a tourist to organize these package holidays can also help tourists get access to high-demand Olympic Games tickets.

There are a number of different package holidays for you to choose from, and some vendors will offer you everything you need to enjoy the 2016 Rio Olympics, such as flights, transfers, accommodation, guided tours and of course Olympic Games tickets.

If you intend on seeing a popular event, such as football (which is bound to be in extreme demand in Brazil) then this may be a great way for you to organize your entire trip all at once. However, be aware that you will pay a premium for high priority events and hotel accommodation during the Rio 2016 Olympics.

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The olympic timetables – 2014 and 2016

Every Olympics see the production of a jam packed Olympic timetable, crammed full of as many events as possible in every single day. Multiple events are held from the first day right through to the last, and if you intend on attending any of the events or watching the Olympics from them comfort of your own home then you need to be familiar with the Olympic timetable.

The London 2012 Olympics were designed to be broadcast on multiple online channels, and there were constant updates on other sports. The BBC, which covered the London Olympics TV coverage in the UK did it's very best to provide viewers with the best possible entertainment from all sports listed on the timetable.


Why Does the Olympic Timetable Exist?

The Olympic timetable is designed to make the most of every single day and every venue provided by the hosting city. The timetable is designed to maximize the productivity, variety and potential of all of the featured sports, while at the same time providing enough respite between each of the sporting events in order to allow the athletes enough time for them to recover; enabling them to be at their best possible form for the next appearance in their Olympic Games.

Different locations can have a different impact on athletes. In some locations extreme temperatures or altitude can cause problems with both performance and recovery. This has to be taken in to consideration when creating the Olympic timetable. The timetable also needs to be set out so that the Olympic Organizing Committee can effectively plan and implement changes and support to local infrastructure to accommodate both the athletes and the ticket holders.

The timetable provides order to what would otherwise be a very chaotic set of games. Earlier games held in the early 1900's were very poorly organized, and the lack of an Olympic timetable caused stress to both the participating athletes and to tourists who wanted to get involved.


Making the Most of the Olympic Timetable

However, for some viewers the timetable can be extremely frustrating. There may be multiple events running at the same time that a person wants to watch, forcing them to choose the tickets for just one event. For anyone watching at home it can be quite difficult to track multiple sports that are being played simultaneously. Many people have often questioned why so much sport is crammed into such a small period.

Whether you love the structure of the Olympic timetable or whether you find it's busy nature too restrictive, it will always be a standard used to unify and organize the Olympic games. If you can't beat them, join them! Rather than let the timetable ruin your games, you can use online resources to plan out your event viewing, enabling you to catch as much of the Olympic sport as you can watch in a single day!


The Sochi 2014 Olympic Timetable

The Sochi 2014 Olympic timetable is now set in stone, and both tourists and Russian citizens can purchase their tickets to these Winter Olympics.

Whether you're attending a venue or watching from home you'll want to be familiar with the Sochi 2014 Olympic timetable so that you can catch all of the action from the slopes and the Olympic arena!

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are being held at two primary locations, known as the Coastal Cluster and the Mountain Cluster.

  • Coastal Cluster – The Coastal Cluster comprises of six key venues. These are “Fisht”, “Bolshoy”, “Shayba”, “Adler”, “Iceberg” and “Ice Cube”. At these locations you can expect to see the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as all ice hockey, speed skating, short track, figure skating and curling events.
  • Mountain Cluster – The Mountain Cluster comprises of five locations. These are “Laura”, “RusSki Gorski”, “Rosa Khutor” and “Sanki”. At these venues you can expect to watch biathlon, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, bobsleighing, skeleton and luge.

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic timetable begins on 6th February (although the opening ceremony is not until the 7th February) and the closing ceremony is on Sunday 23rd February.

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic timetable is jam packed full of crowd pleasing events that will be sure to capture the attention of both citizens and tourists alike.

If you're mad about medals then you should definitely focus on events occurring on the Mountain Cluster, but if you like team sports and heats then the Coastal Cluster events will be right up your street!

A full breakdown of the 2014 Sochi Olympic timetable can be found on the official 2014 Sochi Olympic website. This timetable includes the location and time of events, as well as which event will feature the awarding of medals.


The Rio 2016 Olympic Timetable

The Rio 2016 Olympic timetable is already starting to generate worldwide interest online, but unfortunately people will have to be patient for both the timetable and the tickets to the events.

More information will not be available on either the tickets or the timetable until after the Winter Olympics. Normally, tickets to the Olympics are put on sale approximately 12 months before the Games are due to commence. It's when tickets are announced that the Olympic timetable is released too.

However, if you really can't wait for the 2016 Rio Olympic timetable or ticket news then have a look online and subscribe to the Olympic mailing list to stay up to date with the latest news on anything Olympic related!

No matter how the Olympic Organizing Committee decides to play the Olympic timetable in Rio you can be sure that it will be a period of intense competition and incredible sporting action. A number of athletes made their mark on the London 2012 Olympics and they will no doubt be looking for success at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Make sure you stay up to date the Rio 2016 Olympic timetable and subscribe to a Rio Olympics mailing list!

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Olympic Tickets – tickets for the 2014 and 2016 Games

The London 2012 Olympics were a resounding success with the athletes, the home crowds and the visiting tourists; however, one of the biggest complaints surrounding the London 2012 Olympics was the way that the Olympic tickets were advertised and distributed both to tourists and to citizens. The controversy behind the distribution strategy intensified all the more when a number of venues for key events were left almost empty and void of crowds.

Many people criticized how the process behind the distribution of the 2012 Olympic tickets, which included online systems that utilized bidding and payment options. In the end some of the most attended and enjoyed events were those that did not require tickets to view, such as the outdoor cycling events and the street marathon races.

Securing your spot at an Olympic Games can be both incredibly exciting and very stressful, which is why it's important to research as much as possible before purchasing your Olympic tickets.


Securing Your Seat the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014

With just over 300 days and counting until the Sochi Winter Olympics start lots of people are already looking online to secure their Olympic tickets to this event. The Sochi Winter Olympics will be taking place between 6th February 2014 right through to 23rd February. These Winter Olympics promise to be highly exciting and given the success of recent Summer and Winter Olympics you can be sure that there is a high demand for Olympic tickets.

The Organizing Committee will have hopefully learnt from the mistakes of the London Olympics and will have ensured that the ticket ordering and redeeming process occurs much more swiftly than it did in 2012.

Olympic tickets for the Sochi Winter Olympics were made available for purchase online on February 7th and they will continue to be available online until May 31 2013. If you want to attend the 2014 Winter Olympics then it is crucial that you purchase your Olympic tickets as quickly as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Tickets for non Russian residents were made available on the 11th February. If you are a US citizen you will need to obtain a visa in order to enter the country. Make sure you research what travel considerations you need to be adhere to before purchasing your Olympic tickets.


Ticket Ordering Process and Seat Allocation for Winter Olympics 2014

Initially, Olympic tickets for the 2014 Winter Olympics are being sold based on the event and their ticket price. No indication (upon purchase) will be given to the buyer on the location of the seat. However, the higher your ticket price, the more confident you can be of the quality of your seat position.

Ticket prices range considerably, and will of course depend on the sport you wish to see and whether or not medals will be awarded for that particular event. Tickets are also available for the 2014 Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. Olympic tickets for the 2014 Winter Olympics can be purchased through the official Sochi2014 website and through verified third party vendors. It's also worth knowing the events have a limit of 4 to 8 tickets per buyer.

Once you have purchased your ticket you won't find out where your seat your seat is located until June 2013.


Reserving a Seat for Rio 2016

Following the huge success of the London 2012 Olympics there will be thousands of people that want to reserve their spot at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

At the time of writing, Olympic tickets for the Rio 2016 games are not yet available. However, it is understood that the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee will be designing an Olympic tickets management process that will provide the opportunity of access to seating for all at all events and venues, with an aim to fill stadiums to capacity. Given Great Britain's difficulty in the management of ticketing (and the complaint of many unfilled arenas) it seems that the Rio Organizing Committee is keen to learn from the UK's mistakes.

More information on the 2016 Olympic ticketing program will be announced in the near future, but you can subscribe to be notified by email as news announcements are made about access to tickets. It is understood that a the Organizing Committee intends to use multiple vendors to create a large network of ticket distribution, making it easy for all to find, order and receive their Rio 2016 Olympic tickets.


The Cost of Attending an Olympics

Whether you're attending the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 or Rio Summer Olympics 2016 it's important that you think about not just the cost of your Olympic tickets but also the cost of your travel and accommodation.

Travelling to a hosting nation can be stressful and expensive, as many people will be heading to the same destination as you and the transport infrastructure of the hosting country can quickly become overwhelmed if the Organizing Committee hasn't put in place enough resources to cope with demand.

It's worth booking your hotel room with as much notice as possible to avoid any disappointment. It's also worth being aware that hotel owners will want to profit from the boost to tourism that the Olympic Games will bring, so expect to pay above the odds for your accommodation.

The best thing to do is to regularly look online to stay up to date with the latest news on your chosen Olympics and to see if there are any last minute deals on travel or accommodation for Olympic ticket holders. Olympic tickets can be quite expensive, but avoid using questionable vendors as you may end up purchasing a fraudulent ticket.

An Olympic Games is a great way to be inspired and to expand your horizons and the experience is worth every penny. The cost of your Olympic tickets may be quite expensive, but it's also an opportunity to witness sporting history, to support your country and to visit a country that you might not have thought of visiting.

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Olympic Renovations in Sochi Seen as an Investment For Future

The Black Sea Resort in Sochi is often viewed as a summer destination for those travelling to the region. It is a popular destination for those seeking a warm weather locale for their relaxation and holiday stay. With the Sochi Olympic Games just around the corner, however, the tourist attraction is becoming a whole new venue for the games. Construction is underway and this location is going to assuredly be one that will leave its mark and presence as a memory of the games. Not all of the work, however, has come without controversy.

View of Sotsji Black Sea. Photo: Wiki Commons.

View of Sotsji Black Sea. Photo: Wiki Commons.

The renovations to the Black Sea Resort and other Olympic venues in Sochi are not all welcomed by the locals. There have been rumors abounding that because of the expansive construction projects and the desire of Russian officials, especially Vladimir Putin, locals on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale have been pushed out of their homes. Eviction notices have been sent throughout Moscow to those whose homes were needed for expansion or that did not fit the profile of the strong look Putin sought.
This is leaving many scrambling for temporary dwellings and other homes.

The goal was to create a whole new Sochi, one that avoided the strong presence of poverty that was prevalent in the region before. So far, the efforts seem successful as many are now seeing a transformation in the region. Where old buildings of less than ideal construction or looks once stood, the city has transformed into modern sports venues and accommodations. The scenery mixes in an almost beautiful and yet stark contrast with the major new Olympic construction sites.

Russian officials see the Olympic sized renovations as a potential and prominent investment in the future. These sites will be used to draw in crowds and gain the Olympic Games dollars and economic boom that the country needs. More than just an initial bounce, they are strongly hoping that the large investment will leave the Olympic host city on the map and make it a location for tourists for years to come. Whether or not this turns out to be worth it, especially for those now displaced and looking for new homes, will be something that only the future will hold the answers to.

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Retiring Olympic President Rogge Shows Sochi Support

IOC President Jacques Rogge has become a fixture at Olympic ceremonies, but his run as President of this prestigious organization is coming to an end. By the time the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia come around, he will be retired from his current position. That has not, however, stopped him from weighing in on the controversy regarding the price tag of this event. With over fifty-one billion dollars currently invested and the number likely to rise a small bit, Rogge has praised Russian organizations rather than criticized them like other Olympic members have.

Dr. Jacques Rogge. Photo: Commons.

Dr. Jacques Rogge. Photo: Commons.

Sochi's preparations for the OlympicGames are in full swing. With the opening ceremonies roughly a year away, Russia is beginning to push forward in numerous projects. Many of the major construction jobs are completed and others are nearing the final stages. The Olympic preparations in Sochi involve more than just buildings, however, and thousands of workers continue to focus on the transportation advancements, infrastructure demands, and other important areas of need.

The infrastructure has cost a great deal of money and some critics have said that much more is being spent than is necessary to make improvements in this area. Olympic President Rogge disagrees. He asserts that the government is not making an investment simply for the Olympic Games but for years and decades to come. The infrastructure improvements will last long after the lights dim and the flags are packed away for the next location, according to Rogge, making it a great long term investment that is worth the cost.

Rogge has also defended the next Winter Olympic Games host city in terms of the weather concerns. With plans in place in case the weather does not cooperate—expensive contingency plans—Rogge asserts that he is sure that Sochi will step up and prove the critics wrong. It will only be in time that Rogge's support will be seen as warranted or not.

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Torch Ready for Russian Games

There are quintessential images and items that are associated with every Olympic Games. From the Olympic rings to the pageantry of the opening parade, there may be nothing more perfectly associated with these events than the Olympic torch. With Sochi just a year away, the Russian Olympic Organizing committee has recently unveiled the addition that they will be using in the next Olympic Games.

The sleek, ultra-modern Sochi Olympic torch.

The sleek, ultra-modern Sochi Olympic torch.

The overall look of the Olympic torch is sleek. The design is chrome with a reddish detail woven throughout. The reason that this red hue was chosen was because it signifies the athletic spirit and sport in the country. The torch had other inspiration in design as well. The Phoenix inspired the torch with the torch being designed with a feather look reminiscent of the popular and powerful Firebird. The reason that this was chosen is because the bird, which rose from the ashes in the stories of Russian folklore, is a popular cultural tradition.

Because the Olympic torch is such an important part of the games and must withstand stressors that other items do not, the Russian torch was designed to stand up to many different elements. First and foremost, it was designed for comfort in use and in journey. Ergonomically designed for comfort, it can also withstand the weather, too. The Russian Olympic torch has been tested to holdup in winds that may be strong as well as winter weather elements.

The lighting system of the torch was also a detail that was not overlooked. The Olympic flame will burn bright because of its lighting system that allows for quick and sustainable flames. Radiance was crucial as the torch was designed to shine brightly but be protected from the aforementioned conditions. There will be about fourteen-thousand Olympic torches produced and this is important because more than one will be utilized throughout the ceremonies. From the Olympic relays to the opening games to the final moments of Sochi, the torch will play a crucial role and like many other items, it is not forgotten by the Russian Olympic Games organizing committee. No expense was spared in its development either.

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Popular Building in Rio Gets Artistic Facelift for Olympic Games

Preparations for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games are well underway. Buildings are gaining new renovations and transportation elements are being focused on and upgraded. With Rio having a juxtaposition of many high priced and sophisticated regions, next to the poorer areas, there is much to be done. Not all of the renovations, however, are coming in the form of construction projects. Art projects are another great element, too.

View of Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Wiki Commons.

View of Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Wiki Commons.

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio will have travelers and events going through some of the regions poorest areas. Here, there will be confrontations with the poverty that Rio cannot ignore. For that reason, many of these regions are seeing a facelift in the form of vibrant art projects that are decorating the walls of the region and of the massive buildings located throughout. Artists are flocking to the region and beginning to make their mark on Olympic history with their designs.

Brazilian graffiti artist Toz is bringing his own spin to the region. He and a group of artistic colleagues are decorating a large building in the region to make it a statement of beauty. The building front, reaching nearly one-hundred feet, is being decorated by Toz with bright colors and graphic designs. There are caricatures and a focus on bringing to the potential Olympic audience the vibrant colors of Rio's culture.

The project was commissioned by Lojas Americanas and another group known as B2W. These are two companies that have the strongest and biggest brand presence in the country. They also own the building upon which Toz is working. The project is already underway and is not a small task. The design, which focuses on an artistic representation of ideas and dreams, has consumed nearly two-thousand cans of spray paint at this point already.

Toz and his artistic group are not doing this just for Rio and the Olympic Games. There is also a chance for them to gain notoriety and appreciation for the craft that they love. The inspiration, artwork, and the strong backing by two of the largest companies in Rio are sure to bring attention to their work, and them, during the Olympic festivities.

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Sochi Olympics cost angers Putin

The cost of running an Olympic Games is expensive and the toll stressful, as a high ranking member of the Russian Olympic Committee found out. President Vladimir Putin has become angry over the excess spent on the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi and one senior Olympic committee executive has lost his job as a result.

Moscow. Photo: Commons.

The rising cost of teh Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games is causing anger in Moscow. Photo: Commons.

The price of running an Olympic games is not low. Currently, a year out from the opening ceremonies, the Russian government has spent over one and a half trillion rubles on the sporting event and festivities. The high price tag, the equivalent of fifty one billion dollars, means that the Russian's have officially invested more in these Olympic Games than any other in history. Even the brilliance and pageantry of the most recent summer games pale in comparison to this price.

The Russian government itself has taken a somewhat unique approach to funding the project. While most government's use their own resource and funding to pay for the Olympic festivities, Russia has used the monies and backings from state-owned properties and companies. The result is a mixture of government funding and private investment that presents unique challenges to the government and the public.

Putin has been involved nearly every step of the way in the planning process. His most notable focus has been in the area of the Black Sea Resort in Sochi where the ski jump is to be held, as are other events. Akmet Bilalov, the official named above, was overseeing the construction of the Olympic facilities here and is now facing potential firing because of cost overruns that displeased Putin. The company that Bilalov had building the facilities, before he sold his share, originally estimated the project at roughly forty million dollars. Today, this amount is an astonishing nearly three hundred million, a figure that angered Putin greatly.

Putin has pushed for the resignation of this official but it is up to the Olympic Committee to decide his role in the future of the Olympic festivities in Russia. With Putin's power so great and his word so strongly adhered to, it is likely amidst the speculation that Bilalov will be dismissed shortly. A full decision, however, has not yet been announced.

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